Anchory Game night mystery
El juego del boquerón noche temática marbella

You return home while you curse your life. You haven’t been happy for a long time, you think about the saying “money doesn’t bring happiness” while you nod your head and smile so as not to cry.

You stop at a zebra crossing with a red light and without knowing how a stranger invites you to play a game. He opens a bag and shows you twenty caps. You haven’t played in years and your curiosity is piqued.

However, like everything in this life, the invitation had a trick. He knows of your riches and you must bet a large amount of money.

Without hesitating for a second, you agree and those minutes become the most exciting of your life. You have lost, but you give him the amount without batting an eye waiting for another invitation.

Instead he gives you a card with some strange symbols and a QR code on the back.

You wait until you get home to scan the code. You are surprised to realize that it is an invitation to a dinner. A night in which you and various people of great wealth would participate in a series of games betting your entire estate on a single winner.

The adrenaline that you had felt that afternoon playing with the stranger had seeped into you creating a need that you had not felt before.

At the end of the invitation there are two boxes.

You dare?