Will you make it out of our escape rooms before the 90 minutes are up?

You have a limited time to solve all the puzzles and enigmas that we will put in front of you.

Enter our rooms and show us your mental agility and that of your team under a scenario that will involve you in history.

A restored early 20th century luxury hotel, mysteries to solve and treasure to find.

Will you discover the mysteries of “New Hotel Russel”?

Everything can happen in there: haunted houses, witches, spells

Do not miss it.



90′ minutes



Do you want to spend a different night? Then the mystery nights are designed for you.
Talk to your colleagues, friends or whoever you feel like having an adventure with.
Enjoy an evening in which you will immerse yourself in the skin of a character delving into their secrets and desires.

Get out your best suits and show the investigator in you with your powers of interpretation and imagination.

The event will be held during a lunch, snack or dinner, but beware of those who say that wine is not poisonous or that bread kills rats…


Have fun