Soon we will open a new Escape Room in Marbella

We are already working to be able to offer you a new room in our facilities.

While you can enjoy «Migas de Pan», the Escape Room inspired by Hansel and Gretel that opened its doors in May.

We leave you a preview of what we are preparing:

Escape Room Hotel Russell

There is a great mystery about the suite of Lady Malory, a wealthy young widow who had been staying at the Russell Hotel for a long time. One day, she appeared dead in her room, everything pointed to a suicide, but the police closed the room and investigated the staff of the luxurious hotel. In the end they found no evidence that anything had been forced, although neither her jewelry nor her most valuable possessions were found, they had to consider the case closed and classify it as suicide.
The front pages of the newspapers echoed the scandal of his death. It was brought to light that Lady Malory had a large fortune traveling with her.

Since then, and due to the scandal that arose, the room has remained closed and no one can enter. But it is said that his fortune is still hidden somewhere in that room.

You have been hired by Lady Malory’s brother-in-law, Lord Henry Brown, to find out what has happened to the fortune that belongs to him, but he asks for discretion, as he does not want to tarnish his family name any further. And he is confident that you will be able, because your fame precedes you. Will you find it?

Adaptation of “Hotel Russell” the Fuengirola escape room that was from May 2021 to August 2022 !!

Duration: 90 minutes
Difficulty: High average
Theme: Investigación

Players : 2 – 6
Minimum age: +8 años

2 persons: 60€ (30€ pp)
3 persons: 75€ (25€ pp)
4 persons: 80€ (20€ pp)
5 persons: 100€ (20€ pp)
6 persons: 114€ (19€ pp)

Languages: English or Spanish

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What is an Escape Room?

An Escape Room is a game in which a group of people (of their own free will) enter a room (or consecutive rooms) having to find the exit by solving puzzles, riddles, opening locks, padlocks… all against the clock. , usually within 60 minutes. It is set in a story whose background corresponds to the decoration of the room and the clues.

It is an activity that encourages teamwork, since certain puzzles cannot be solved by one person alone, being ideal to play with the family, with your group of friends or even as an activity for companies with which to strengthen the ties between co-workers.