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Escape Room


What is an Escape Room?2022-08-29T23:06:55+02:00

An escape room, escape room or escape room is a physical and mental adventure game that consists of locking a group of players in a room, where they must solve enigmas and puzzles of all kinds to unravel a story and escape before after the available time expires (typically 60 minutes).

Each game can be set in a completely different setting: spaceships, military bunkers, haunted houses, a serial killer’s lair, a school principal’s office, and a host of other themes. Usually the themes of the puzzles follow the theme of the room.

Is the Bread Crumbs escape room scary or terrifying?2023-02-17T10:53:10+02:00

No, it’s not an escape room considered scary or terrifying, but there can be moments of tension.

What happens if I book the escape room for 4 people and in the end we are more or less players?2023-03-03T14:43:26+02:00

In a reservation for the escape room can come from 2 to 6 people, if you have made a reservation for 4 and in the end you are more or less people nothing happens. You simply pay the difference in the local or a refund is made if you are less players.

Can I do the Bread Crumbs escape room if I suffer from claustrophobia?2022-08-29T22:43:45+02:00

We are aware that claustrophobia is a disease that cannot be controlled, which is why at Bread Crumbs we have an emergency button that opens the exit door instantly.

Can a birthday be celebrated in the escape room?2022-08-29T22:45:18+02:00

We love when groups come to celebrate their birthdays, but in our premises we only offer the escape room service, which lasts approximately 90 minutes.
No snacks, lunches, or dinners are held. Since the premises are not enabled for it, nor do we have a license for such purposes.

In what languages ​​can escape rooms be made?2022-08-29T22:48:23+02:00

Our escape rooms can be done in both English and Spanish.
During the reservation you can choose the language in which you want to do it.
If you have a better command of read English than Spanish, it is advisable to do it in English.

Can minors go alone to our escape rooms?2024-03-04T10:30:55+02:00

We have the option of selecting, when reserving the room, that they be accompanied by a monitor, with a series of changes adapted to the little ones so that they can enjoy it to the fullest.
If you would like this option, it is important to indicate it when booking so that we can organise it with the monitor and it will have an additional cost of 10€.

From what age is the escape room Bread Crumbs?2022-08-29T22:52:55+02:00

The recommended age is from 8 years. But children 5 years and older can already enjoy it accompanied by their parents.

Night of Mystery


What if my group is small or I go alone?2022-11-04T20:58:10+02:00

If you do not reach the minimum quota of people required for one of our mystery nights, you can also sign up for one of the open dinners that we will be holding. Simply fill out the form on this page and we’ll let you know when open dining is available.

Another alternative is that you come to one of our escape rooms.

Can children participate?2022-11-04T20:59:28+02:00

This is a recommended activity for adults only. However, we may admit the participation of children in certain circumstances. Ask us your case.

How much does it cost and how do I book?2022-11-04T21:02:27+02:00

It is €25 per person when it is celebrated at home (food is not included).

To request a reservation, fill out the form that you will find on the page and we will contact you to agree on the conditions.

As each game is personalized and may depend on other providers (catering, restaurants, local) the prices could vary with respect to what is published on this website, although it is not likely. We will confirm the final price before you have to pay anything.

Each game is personalized for each group, reservation requests can only be accepted with a minimum of 2 weeks in advance.

Reservations will be subject to the availability of both the Arkham team and partner restaurants. However, we will always propose the best solution for you.

At the time of confirming the reservation, the means and form of payment will be communicated; an advance payment will be requested before the activity.

Where is it played or celebrated?2022-11-04T21:04:26+02:00

We can organize it where you indicate us within the province of Malaga, at your home, in a place to which you have access, etc.

We also have so many restaurants, that in addition to lending us a private room for the game, it will serve food and drinks.

In what languages can it be played?2022-11-04T21:07:59+02:00

All mystery nights are in Spanish. But we do have mystery nights in English.

How long is mystery night?2022-11-04T21:10:09+02:00

The duration is between 2 and 4 hours, where the most common is 3 hours, although that depends on how the game flows and how the plot develops.

How to interpret my character?2022-11-04T21:11:55+02:00

You don’t need to know the Stanislavski method or be an accomplished actor to play (far from it), just follow the guide that we will give you as faithfully as you can. However, a careful performance will make your character much more believable and will give you many points to be the king of the party. Sometimes a funny accent or exaggerated gestures are enough to give your role the personality he needs. And, although it is not mandatory, coming in costume is highly recommended to guarantee fun. Keep in mind that at the end of the activity we will vote for the best interpretation.

What is a Mystery Night or Live Cluedo or Murder Dinner?2022-11-04T21:14:09+02:00

Mystery nights arose after a fashion in English-speaking countries, in which dinner guests take on the role of characters from a crime novel and try to solve the mystery presented to them, usually a murder, and find out who among them is the culprit, in the most Cluedo style.

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